Impeccable Google My Business Management Services to Prevent GMB Account Suspension

GMB Account Suspension

Got a Google Business Account? Read this!

Google My Business account suspension can change the way your business is present online. While the exact reason is usually not revealed by Google, the most common reason usually include incorrect information (address, contact details or website URL), if the business is high-risk (like HVAC, plumbing etc) or if the business listing comes across as spam (incorrect business contact number and links that redirect to landing pages with business promotions).

And even if your listing has all the correct information about the business, it still can get suspended in case the GMB guidelines aren’t met. For examples, healthcare works need to follow different guidelines when setting up their GMB listing.

Incorrect information is often the reason a Google My Business account gets suspended. 

Wondering how to fix GMB account suspension? Here’s how!

Before you get to reinstating your Google business account, make sure the below factors are in place. It is possible that by making corrections as listed below, you might be able to fix GMB account suspension.

  • The most common cause of a Google My Business account suspension is wrong information or duplicate listings
  • In case of duplicate listings, go to your account and delete any duplicate listings that might be present. Check your GMB listing for any incorrect information
  • Note that, the presence of redirecting or incorrect URLs can too cause the account to get suspended
  • Go through the GMB guidelines to determine if your listing meets all the stated criteria
  • Check keywords that have been used. Delete keywords that are not related to your business
  • Be consistent with your GMB postings. Do not over-post in a single day

Google My Business account must be attended to once in a while. It may get time-consuming and you may eventually stop maintaining the account. At GMB Local SEO Agency Australia, we understand this and are committed to helping with your local business. With a highly-affordable GMB and affordable SEO package, we offer impeccable Google Business Account management Melbourne services for all local businesses. 

How you can reinstate your Google Business Account?

Upon correcting information on your Google business account, it is time to reinstate your listing. In case you are unable to fix information on your listing, contact us! Our experts will be able to tactfully recover your suspended Google business account and issue guidelines to ensure it doesn’t happen again. 

In case you decide to reinstate your Google business account on your own, it is best to get in touch with Google to understand the problem factor. Upon having the business listing information fixed, you can submit a request for reinstatement of the GMB request. 

Once the reinstatement request has been submitted, Google may seek documents proving that you are the business owner. 

These documents can be:

  • Proof of physical address with official authentication in form of signature or stamp
  • Utility bill that verifies the address
  • License to run the business and tax form (as applicable)

Reinstating your Google business account can be time-consuming. Patience is the key while Google officials work to get your business listing back on track. 

Why verify your Google business account?

Yes, you can verify your Google business account. A verified GMB listing has higher chances of getting featured in the local three-pack. This means when someone is making a search online related to your business industry, they will be able to see you in the top three positions of GMB suggestion. 

Aside from featuring on GMB three-pack, a verified business is seen as a credible store online. This way, you attract more footfalls. 

Moreover, a verified Google business account comes across as more trustworthy, making it easier for the business to successfully run sales and discounts in the store. 

How not to get suspended again?

Google business account management Melbourne is crucial once the business account has been reinstated to prevent any troubles in the future.

Here’s how you can save yourself from future GMB account suspension:

  • Keep information up to date and related strictly to your business
  • Make sure information about your business is the same throughout the internet 
  • Refrain from creating multiple listings (duplicate listing)
  • Avoid using too many keywords, remove keywords that are not related to your business
  • Add contact details you will be available to attend at
  • Adhere to guidelines when setting up your Google business account

Connect to a GMB Local SEO Agency Australia

Google My Business management goes beyond including address, contact details and adding a website. Keywords and optimisation of the Google business account play a major role in how your listing surfaces online. 

At Google My Business Agency Melbourne, we understand this.

And we are here to help.

Being online significantly changes how you have been doing business. With more than 90% of people making a search before buying the service or product, it is essential for a business to be online. Moreover, the confidence it adds to your business is inevitable.

Our team of experts have years of experience managing GMB for a wide range of businesses. With consistent postings and keyword optimisation, rest assured your online presence is safe and projects your business standards. 

GMB just got easier with GMB Local SEO Agency Australia

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