Local SEO Citations Are IMPORTANT! Everything About Local Citations Your Local Business Needs to Know About!

local seo citations

What is a local citation in the first place? 

Local citations mention your business in places on the internet (sites etc) that may or may not have direct links to your business or brand.

GMB Local SEO Agency offers a highly affordable and practical range of local SEO packages– that is bound to help your business soar higher on the internet whenever a relevant search is made. This way, not only your business grows but also builds credibility online. 

Let’s learn more about local SEO citations! 

How many types of local citations are there?

There are three main types of local citations:

  • Large scale local business citation that allows business owners or markets to publish about their business on platforms that are specially designed to accommodate business listings of local businesses that operate on a larger scale. GMB is one such platform that lets businesses list themselves for better viewership and sales 
  • Geography or Industry concentrated business citation: While it is great to list your business on a larger platform, as a local business, being present in local listings that are specific to the geography or a specific industry is always beneficial. As many times, people just look for a local alternative to their needs instead of making a search on a larger scale
  • The internet-wide citation: These citations can be built on a wide range of publications including guest posts, articles, blogs, maps or even on the government database. It’s noteworthy that you can claim these local citations on your own for your business. 

Note: Citations can pop up on the internet on their own without you having listed them. This usually happens due to the flow of data from a business’s data principles.

What makes up a GMB local citation?

For a local citation to become credible, the correct business name, address and contact information is vital. Inconsistencies can make your business appear on the internet inconsistently. Additionally, inaccurate information can attract GMB account suspension. This blog explores everything you need to know to fix GMB account suspension. 

Here’s a list of information that makes up a local citation: 

  • Alternate business numbers, email address and fax numbers
  • Category of your business
  • Adequate business description
  • Navigation directions
  • Geographical coordinates
  • Business hours
  • Images (real ones) and videos
  • Links to social media handles
  • Payment methods that are accepted
  • Reviews (real ones)

Why do I need to do local citations for my business? 

Businesses today are going online considering the enormous time and money it saves. Businesses no longer have to spend hundreds of dollars advertising their business on boards or print flyers with offers for the week. Everything is digital today. Local citations put your business everywhere on the internet where your target audience can be searching for stuff that’s relevant to them. 

Local citations have the ability to influence search engine rankings for your good. This entirely depends on the number of citations that are made by the business, credibility of the data where the business is featured and the quality of sources where the business is featured. All these factors play a crucial role in creating a credible persona of your business online that’s read by Google. As Google scans through all the information online about your business, the more it is accurate, the higher are the chances of your business ranking high. Inconsistencies or discrepancy in data is thus risky considering it can put all your local citation efforts into vain. 

A highly regarded local citation will help people find your business more easily. This encourages sales and eventually contributes to the revenue. 

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GMB Local SEO Agency is a leading local citations expert in Melbourne and Perth. With a wide range of local citation package available, we aspire to help local businesses build a reputation for themselves online.

We understand that in recent times many businesses have decided to go online. But, as a matter of fact, merely being online is not enough. Today, your competitors are evolving on a daily basis and if you are not leaving footprints everywhere, chances are you may miss out on your target audience.

Local citations are a great way to put your business out there. Additionally, Google crawls through authentic, consistent and reliable information about your business making it rank higher on search engines.

Have gone digital and are looking to grow in all horizons? Get in touch with GMB Local SEO Agency today and explore our range of local SEO packages!

Warning: Inconsistencies in information can cause your Google My Business suspension! If your account is suspended, don’t stress! Get in touch with experts today and let us fix GMB account suspension!

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