How Does A Google My Business Account Benefit Small Businesses?

With local SEO to add to your engagement strategies and tools to help you get an audience, the GMB account is a great boost for your business. (H2)

Everyone these days seems to be wanting to know everything there is to about the Google My Business. Going beyond being a tool to mark your presence on the web, the GMB account is actually a great boon for small businesses that are struggling to get their reach and are still gaining stability in the digital world. 

Here’s why a Google My Business account is something that small businesses and even giant eCommerce ones should check out. 

The search volume is tremendous!

Statistics show that in a single day, there are more than five billion searches that are made on Google. Imagine this search volume! Among all these monstrous amounts of searches, your business could have a chance to feature on the results page. This could give your business great traction and facilitate reach. 

Feature in the Local 3-pack through building citations

When someone performs a Google search, you will have noticed that below the Google Adwords advertisements, there is a list of three places on Google maps that have what you may be looking for. The benefit of having a Google My Business account is that you feature on Google Maps and hence, have a chance to feature in the Local 3-Pack area. 

This could be wonderful as there is a high possibility of customers visiting your physical business or checking out your online one as Google has suggested you have what they are seeking. 

Nothing about having a GMB account will cost you through the roof

A Google My Business account is free and this is the best possible aspect as a tool that is so versatile does not come with a charge. Small businesses are already grappling with budgets and where to invest and how the future looks. In such a situation, a free tool that gives you the liberty to broaden the reach of your venture is amazing. 

If you do plan on having professionals see to your GMB management, it is always possible to do so and the results have proven to be rewarding. 

The GMB Local SEO Agency has seen to multiple businesses with an updating of their account, regular management, SEO optimisation by using keywords that reach the right audience and a constant check on the account, your business is assured to go places!

Your audience can see to believe!

This is the generation of visuals and pictures and graphics and people would always want to have a look at the business they are availing. 

Google My Business Australia gives you a chance to showcase the great parts of your business through pictures! Hit the right chord with your audience by going a step ahead and writing captions for the pictures which will give them an insight into your business. 

The GMB management agency will optimise the keywords in the captions and then you’ll have people floored with your business!

Menus are now available for restaurant GMBs

If you are a foodservice and have either not been able to showcase your menu on your GMB account due to the unavailability of the feature, or have had to use a third party feature for the same, here is some news for you. 

Restaurant GMBs can now create, edit and put out their menus for their customers to see. Google My Business Australia is getting customer-friendly with every passing day. 

Offer posts are now possible with Google. In contrast to PPC ads, where there is a payment fee involved, the Offer Posts by Google makes it possible for businesses to advertise an offer or a campaign etc. on their GMB account. Ensure that the post is filled with local SEO so that your audience is actually the ones who are looking for it. 

A great way to speak of campaigns. 

An agency that caters to your every need

The GMB Local SEO Agency is one that you can entrust your business account to and the professionals will revamp it such that you will expand your reach and sales and revenue will follow. 

Are you finding it difficult to get the right customers? 

This can sometimes be a challenge for small businesses and with the growing competition, even more so. As a start-up or a small business, your foremost concern is to build your presence through word of mouth, on the web and among a loyal set of customers. The GMB account enables you to do it. 

The digital world awaits. With a GMB account, make your venture find its space on the web. The experts can help you achieve business targets. Reach out today

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