How Can I Use The GMB Account to Drive results-oriented marketing?

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You’re probably reading this article as you are in a dilemma about whether you absolutely need a GMB listing to have your business survive on the Internet. 

This is a common doubt that many have. To make this simpler and help you answer the question yourself, we will break it down for you as to what is the GMB listing and how a GMB local SEO agency can help. 

What is a Google My Business profile?

What you need to realise is that a business can exist on Google without you having a GMB account. 

Having a business on Google simply means having your listing on Google maps, and having the listing appear on the Google SERP (search engine results page). 

A business profile can be added to Google Maps with information about your business – the name, location and category. However, since this information can even be added by a random stranger, it does not give any credibility to your business. 

Google creates a listing for the business, on confirming there is no duplicate and the business profile (listing) is created. 

That is what a listing is. 

However, in the absence of a GMB account, you will not have any control over this listing. Now for being able to be the sole manager of this listing and make edits to it and add basic information, you will need a GMB account and this brings one to the question. 

What is a GMB account?

A Google My Business account is a tool by way of which one can manage their Google My Business profile or business listing. 


You, as the business owner, can review the information, manage it, interact with your customers. For the handling purpose of the account, you have several GMB agencies around Australia that can assist you. 

GMB Local SEO Agency is one of the premier cream agencies that you can consider having as your go-to. Offering business owners a chance to step up their strategy and reach as many as possible, is the aim. 

This is done through local SEO packages, affordable options, jaw-dropping deals and a personalised approach. 

So how can the GMB account be used for steadfast marketing?

Simple strategies

The number one purpose of anything on the web is to market the business in the right way and reach the right audience. 

The GMB account can be used for the marketing of the business and it is impressive at just how simple but efficacious it is. 

Build credibility with your audience

Keeping a steady flow of updated information on your GMB account, responding to reviews, taking feedback constructively, and updating your audience about any change in the business hours, timings, open status helps your customers know that you are actively in touch with them. 

Target the right audience with local SEO packages Melbourne 

The very purpose of SEO is to segment the web into different interest niches. Those who are looking to buy an Apple watch on the Internet should not be shown the results of grocers or local farmers. 

Thus, applying this logic to other businesses as well, SEO is the tool that helps you be visible to the audience who are looking for the products or services you sell. 

So, go ahead. Fill your business profile (don’t go overboard though) with SEO relevant words. 

With local SEO citations in Melbourne, you will be reaching your target location too. This will help the business as this is where most of your revenue is coming in from in terms of sales. 

Keep a track of success

With the Google Analytics tool, progress can be tracked in terms of time and leads. 

Business owners can now: 

  • Gain insights into the audience
  • Uncover real-time data
  • Get information about the visitors on the website 
  • Get an idea of the age group, gender etc of the audience who are interested in your website
  • Check the location from where you are getting the most traction
  • Review success and progress made 
  • See the views and shares of the content 

You have the GMB Local SEO Agency at your service!

To give you an idea of what we do, we connect businesses with their customers and facilitate engagement. 

We increase brand presence on the web, this, in turn, generates more leads and sales and in time is directly proportional to loyal customers. 

Engagement is what keeps the world going. You may have noticed how social media is rising exponentially in terms of being one of the best means of interacting with the audience. 

Thus to add to this engagement, the GMB account is another factor that customers love. 

We have a package ready for you. We rephrase. We have a local SEO package Melbourne customised for you. 

Get in touch to let your engagement soar high

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