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The Power of Google My Business Management for Your Local Business

Running a Google My Business Account can be time-consuming. While the initial set-up is easy and highly convenient, there are ample steps you must take to prevent a suspension from happening! Local SEO citation packages can immensely help in escalating your business’ presence online, the expertise of Google My Business Account Management Agency Perth can take your business across screens with just one search being made that’s relevant to you!

This quick checklist equips businesses handling their own GMB listing to take necessary steps when setting up and following Google My Business Management. 

Creating or claiming your GMB listing 

Once you are past creating the listing, here’s a quick checklist of what should be next on your plate:

  • Verifying your business to increase authority online
  • Consider having a website to improve online presence through local SEO citation packages
  • Setting up users who have the right degree of access to your business account
  • Updating correct and latest information, this can include:

~ Official name of the business

~ Address of the business

~ Contact number

~ Business hours

  • Add a menu, details of products or services offered by your business
  • Include pictures and videos from your business
  • Answer some popular frequently asked questions
  • Keep direct messaging open – this way, customers can contact you directly for appointments or queries
  • Make use of Google Posts regularly and uniformly
  • If your business has the feature of pre-booking, consider adding Reserve

Must Do’s After List Business On Google Edition

  • Respond to reviews, even the rudest ones
  • Encourage visitors or customers to review your business on Google (picture reviews are a bonus!)
  • Strictly avoid fake reviews as it can bring Google My Business suspension
  • Link Google Ads or Google Merchant Center to your business listing
  • Avoid using the same email address for creating multiple listings
  • Stick to having one account manager instead of multiple
  • Be available throughout the stated business hours

Businesses that are not eligible for Google My Business Account:

  •  Rental or for-sale properties
  • Someone without adequate authority in the business
  • Businesses that are temporarily on hold and have uncertainties with respect to future reopenings
  • Any type of class or meetings to be held at a physical venue
  • Religious places and services
  • Businesses that are three or more months away from inaugurating

Think your business exists already? Here’s what you can do!

  • Run a search for your business on Google
  • Search with your business name, the city and the state it belongs to

You may also get the option to check if the business was renamed, any previous addresses etc. Note that when you change the business name too often, it may affect your business’ credibility. 

To prevent this, here’s what you should do:

  • Plan your business model in advance and be certain about it
  • Decide on a name that is also SEO-friendly

In case you have to change the business model and are setting up a business of an entirely different nature, consider deleting the existing listing and create a new one altogether. This is a way more hassle-free process and less time-consuming. 

How to claim a Google My Business listing and take steps for efficient Google My Business Management

  • If you have found a business listing for your business already, consider claiming it before you choose to create a new one altogether
  • Sign in to your Google account
  • If you don’t have one, create one with the purpose of using it solely for business purposes
  • Search form your business on Google
  • When found, click on the Own this business? Or ‘Claim this business’ link
  • Verify your business details
  • You have claimed your listing successfully!

How you can request ownership for a Google My Business Account

  • Search for your business listing at https://business.google.com/add
  • Storefront businesses will see: This listing has already been claimed in that case, click on Request Access and mark submission for relevant forms
  • For a service-based business, feed in your business details and continue with the verification process
  • You will receive a confirmation email and so will the initial owner of the business 

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