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Everything You Need to Know About Google My Business Services

Google My Business is a free tool from the tech giant Google which allows local businesses to establish a local presence and be found whenever someone makes a search that’s relevant to the business.

While setting up a GMB account is an easy task, managing it on a regular basis, having it on the local three-pack can be a real challenge. This is when a Google‌ ‌My‌ ‌Business‌ Local SEO ‌Agency can help! We offer trademark Google My Business services that are bound to help your business grow!

But as your business is up and running, chances are inadequate, wrong or misleading information can lead to GMB account suspension. Which can prevent your business from showing whenever a related search is made. This puts your business at a disadvantage.

This blog explains everything you need to know about a GMB account suspension and how we can assist to fix GMB account suspension. 

List Business On Google – Things to be Careful About

When a business lists itself on Google My Business, you are required to add business information including address, work hours and contact details (phone number, email address and website). If your business doesn’t have a physical address, you can opt for the ‘service-based business’.

Upon the successful set-up of Google My Business, it is time to manage and maintain the GMB listing. Remember, when you list a business on Google, you are putting out a representation of your business on Google for the online audience and is thus, important to be careful and specific about the information that you are putting out. 

Here’s what you should be careful about when setting-up your GMB listing

  • Google My Business listing can only be created by businesses that have a physical location or are service-based (which means, their services or products reaches a consumer)
  • Different types of businesses need to follow separate guidelines
  • Individual practitioners are known as public-facing professionals and can have their individual GMB listing
  • Individual practitioners can also use their degree or certificate titles when making a listing on GMB (eg., Dr, MD etc)
  • Give a local business number for people to get in touch at
  • Use your own business’ website, strictly refrain from any redirects
  • Provide regular business hours
  • List highly specific categories to make it easier for the online audience to find what they want
  • Include menus that list clearly everything on the listing

Google My Business is simple to set-up. What’s important though is to keep the listing maintained through routine postings, answering questions and making updates to the listing as needed. While initially, it is easy to maintain the GMB listing, it can get complicated if the information is not accurate or has missing information. 

This can lead to GMB account suspension. This is when a GMB Local SEO Agency can help you, not only in managing your listing better but to avoid any hassles or suspension. 

What can lead to GMB Account Suspension?

Why is my GMB suspended?

There are many factors that can lead to Google My Business’ account suspension. While the exact reason for the suspension is usually not revealed by Google, a careful and professional Google‌ ‌My‌ ‌Business‌ Local SEO ‌Agency’s audit can reveal the problem area. 

Upon determining the problem area, our team of professionals will make necessary changes and attempt at recovering the suspended GMB account. We fix GMB account suspension at the earliest possibility to ensure your business listing is back on Google.

Here are the factors that can lead to GMB account suspension

  • The information on your business has changed including:
  • Address
  • Business name
  • Phone number
  • Website URL
  • Area change that includes hidden areas
  • The address in the listing violates GMB guidelines
  • Multiple listings for the same business
  • Redirecting URLs to landing pages
  • The listing is made for an online business only (lacking address)
  • The business listing can also get suspended in case you do not have the authority to claim the business listing as yours
  • The business is illegal or is identified as illegal
  • The business is a high-risk business (e.g., home services, plumbing etc)

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