Fix GMB Account Suspension With These Steps

fix GMB account suspension

Is your business no longer visible on Google My Business? Chances are that your Google Business Account listing has been suspended. This blog explores steps that you can DIY to fix GMB account suspension. Need help with GMB account suspension? Read more!

Google My Business: What it is and what can attract a Google Business Account suspension?

Google My Business is a free tool from the tech giant Google that helps local businesses to mark their presence online. While setting up a Google business account is simple and the range of Google My Business services are sure to enhance your chances of being visible more online, the fact that incorrect information or has not followed GMB guidelines can cause your listing to be suspended. 

Types of Google Business Account Suspensions

Suspension of listing: When the Google business account listing gets suspended, the online audience loses access to the business listing. This means, regardless of their search, your business account will not show up

Suspension of the owner account: In the case of an account owner’s suspension from the Google business account, the Google account owner’s listings get banned and is removed from search engines

The manager account suspension: When a manager account is suspended, your Google My Business listing remains intact and unaffected but the owner of the manager account receives a ban from Google 

Usually, owner and manager account suspension can result from the presence of too many authoritative figures in the listing. It is best to maintain a single Google account to manage your Google business account listing.

In case your GMB listing gets suspended, proceed to fix GMB account suspension by going through the guidelines again and upon making necessary corrections, apply for GMB account reinstatement.

What are the Types of Google Business Account Suspensions?

There are two types of Google business account suspensions:

The soft suspension: When the business listing is termed as ‘unverified’. The listing will still be visible when a search is made. Upon logging into your Google business account, the suspension message will show and related actions will be required to restore the account

The much-dreaded hard suspension: This is when the entire business listing disappears from Google. During the hard suspension, your Google business account will not show up even when accurate searches are made. To reclaim or reinstate your listing, you will have to audit the listing, make corrections and apply for reinstatement. 

Listing suspended? Here are some known reasons! 

Google suspends a listing of its guidelines isn’t met or if the listing has wrong/misleading information updated. 

If you are a beginner and just starting out your business, it is best to go through the Google My Business guidelines before you get to creating a GMB listing. 

You may also get in touch with Google‌ ‌My‌ ‌Business‌ Local SEO ‌Agency and let experts take care of it!

  • Keyword stuffing
  • An online business that has no physical address
  • Website link redirects and leads to another website or opens into a social media profile
  • Another business also share the same exact business as yours
  • Have included a UPS store address or a P.O Box address
  • Virtual office or co-working space has been listed as a business address
  • Business listed as 24×7
  • Service-based business with a physical address on display
  • Too many edits and updates in just one sitting
  • Fake reviews
  • High-risk nature of the business
  • Not following guidelines adequately
  • Have not provided enough documents for verification
  • The owner account or the manager account got suspended
  • Information on the listing doesn’t match with information in local citations or directories
  • A duplicate listing with the same content

Common Reasons for GMB Listing Suspension Explained

The nature of your business has changed and now your listing has been suspended! 

It is normal for businesses to move to a location that’s near to their ideal consumer base, resources and offers an infrastructure that expands the business’ ability to function and generate profit. While moving to a new space or into a new venture can be exciting, failure to update your GMB listing can attract suspension.

Why? The reason: Google is focused on ensuring everyone who is making a search on its search engine gets correct information. When you fail to update your listing meaning, your listing has the old address and outdated information on it, Google identifies it as a source that no longer can serve the right purpose to its audience. Thus, it suspends your listing to prevent hassles.

Here’s what you can do: Edit your listing with the new address and all information that the listing must have to become relevant online. Once everything has been updated, apply for reinstatement.

Suspension due to multiple businesses with the same address

Why? The reason: It is required that the address on the listing is exclusively yours. This means, no other business should be sharing your exact address.

So if your business is an area or building with multiple businesses listed, make it a point to add your office space number, door number or any other identification numbers that can be used by online users to navigate their way to your office

Pro tip: Once you have added the exact address of your business (with numbers for identification), check on Google if a similar business has been listed with the same number (cross-check). If yes, it is best to report that listing to Google. 

Suspension due to multiple listings for one business: In case you share a business address that doesn’t carry any specific numbers or any other combinations that can help with identification, chances are your listing may get suspended.

To resolve the issue, delete other listings and stick to one listing that carries the legal name of the business, address and phone number. Again, be 100% accurate with your address and cross-check online to confirm that the information across all platforms is the same.

Keyword stuffing can cause your listing to get suspended: 

Keywords can alleviate your presence online. They help Googlebot to index and identify your business listing better which eventually reflects in the form of higher rankings on search engines. But putting in too many keywords can attract business account suspension.

Why? The reason: When a keyword is added to a business’ official (legal) name, it causes inconsistency throughout available local citations and directories.

For example, if your business’ name is Tommy Toys and you end up adding a keyword making it into ‘Tommy Toys and Gifts’ the new name doesn’t reflect the original business name. This causes discrepancy and may lead to suspension eventually.

Here’s what you can do: If you are starting a new business, try and optimise right from the point where you are naming it.

Suspension due to inconsistency in the address on the website and in the listing: 

Why? The reason: When you are adding an address to your GMB listing, make it a point to check multiple times before submitting it. A typo or switch in numbers or even entering the wrong street name (say, adding a former name for the area or the locality) can lead to account suspension. 

If your listing has been suspended, it is best to check if the address is correct. You can literally check the address as mentioned on the website and the listing. Make sure everything is in place to the dot. 

Inconsistency in Business Name Can Lead to Suspension: Having your business name constant and consistent throughout the internet is vital. And while your company may choose an abbreviation or some other name to identify, the official (legal) name must be used when creating a Google My Business listing. 

Getting Your Google business Account Back on Google My Business listing!

After you have been able to determine (or our experts at GMB Local SEO Agency were able to audit and identify suspension causing factors) the reason behind the suspension, you can apply for reinstatement. Reinstatement is the way to get your listing back on Google. 

Upon receiving your reinstatement request, here are a few proofs and documents Google may ask for to establish the authenticity of your business listing.

These documents may include the following:

  • License for the business in question
  • Tax form that has the business’ address in it
  • Proof of physical address
  • Bills to verify the business in question’s address

Trying to Fix GMB Account Suspension? We Can Help!

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While setting up a Google business account is fairly easy and simple, having to establish and maintain a GMB listing can be difficult over a period of time.

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