All Your Questions About Google My Business Answered!

Google My Business

Whether it is affordable SEO packages, or how to manage the GMB account, here are the answers to the questions you asked

Google My Business has managed to attract a lot of attention for the ease with which it enables customers to do business on the web. Helping businesses transcend barriers of reach, the GMB account can get you places. It is understandable however if you do have queries about the operation of the business and what it entails. 

Here are the answers from the experts. 

What is Google My Business?

A tool that helps you become more visible on the web, a GMB profile helps you control the information of the GMB account and what goes up on it. The listing will be visible on Google search and Google maps and you will be able to control the information such as the hours of operation, the timings, the address, the pictures of the business etc. 

Does a GMB account help you expand your business? 

Well, think of it this way. The way to expand a business is always through customers. The more customers you get onboard, the wider the reach of your business, and the more you will be able to expand your sales. 

How do you get more customers? By attracting them with your lucrative venture! When a consumer types in your name into the Google search or looks for relevant services you actually offer, and your listing pops up, the consumer may choose to avail of your products and services. 

Depending on the experience they have, they will then recommend your business to others. 

Do you see it now?

Your venture keeps growing. 

Do local SEO citations help?

Of course! When your GMB account, the title, the metadata, the reviews, the captions of pictures etc. have local SEO citations Sydney, the relevant audience will find you. 

This is one of the perks of a GMB account. You are found by people who can actually contribute to your business revenue, instead of being discovered by people at the other end of the globe who probably will never be able to buy your products. 

Can I access the GMB account on the phone? 

Yes! Google my Business now comes in a mobile app that you can download and easy access on the phone. This is extremely user-friendly for people who are constantly on the move and wish to update their accounts or add information. 

Is there a charge to using Google My business?

There isn’t a charge associated with having a GMB account but if you reach out to an agency for the handling of your account, you will be paying a fee to the agency. The Google My Business Local SEO Agency is thoroughly professional at handling business accounts and leaves no stone unturned in making the business listing stand out. 

I have a website. Should I also have a GMB account?

Many people have this doubt. A website guarantees your SEO score, your presence on the web, and even maintains a connection with your audience by way of articles and blogs. 

But a GMB account goes way beyond this. When people are looking for services and products on the web, they are not doing so with the simple intention of browsing, but rather of purchasing the product or availing of the service. 

Thus when they see your GMB account show up as a business listing, it builds credibility that you are an actual business with an address and thus, the best place to go. 

Can I have a GMB account if I do not have a store? 

Yes, that is the wonderful part about a GMB account. You can always set one up even if you are a service-based business. 

How can the Google My Business Account Management Agency Newcastle help your business? 

An agency can really help when you are setting up your GMB account. The Google My Buisness Local SEO Agency updates the profile, regulates the reviews that are posted, checks on the latest information posted, regularly sees to it that the SEO score and citations are top of the mark and helps your account be noticed on the web. 

The GMB account is a great way of gaining visibility and you can rest assured that you will be discobvered. The Google My Business Account Management Agency Hobart is probably what you are seeking right now to help you with taking your venture places. 

Are you prepared to see a swell in sales and revenue and be recognised? This could be your chance.

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