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If your business is not on Google, your business has not reached its potential yet. 


That is now much of an impact; it has to be listed as a business on Google and for this very purpose, you have the Google My Business tool that is designed to expand the horizons of your venture and let it become a worldwide name. 

Here is everything you need to know about this very useful tool, what it includes, who can use it, what if your account is suspended and much more. 

Check it out!

What is Google My Business?

The tool enables you, a business owner, to create a listing for your business on Google so that anyone in any corner of the world can find it with ease. 

Here is why companies should list their businesses on Google:

  • The description of the services that your business provides, the contact details, the opening hours are all listed and consumers will have an idea as to what your business is about. 
  • Google My Business services allow consumers to leave reviews under a business listing and businesses can thus be better informed of how to improve. 
  • You can add photos of your business or any other information that would probably attract consumers or even those looking to get hired.

List business on Google and you will be surprised at what your business is capable of achieving through its Google Business account. 

Google My Business account is free!

This is another reason why most businesses absolutely love the feature. It means a business can get all the traction in the world without paying a penny! 

Amazing, isn’t it?

Do you have a Google My Business account yet? If not, then it may be high time you get yourself one. While you are at it, it would be a good option to let a Google My Business Agency optimise your listing. 

The more specific the keywords, the more traffic will be driven to your website!

Google My Business Agency is one that optimises the Google My Business tool so that it performs to the best capacity and lets your business account flourish online.  

Google My Business management helps you score in the digital world!

If you have the right tools and know-how to use them to optimise your venture, nothing can stop you from being one of the most high-ranking businesses on the Internet. 

The professionals here at Google My Business Agency are thorough in their management of this tool. There are a million businesses on the web and for yours to stand out you need to make sure that it has the right keywords! 

This is exactly what our professionals work on. They ensure that your venture has got what it takes to be number. 1

List your business on Google to generate more leads

Leads are the way a company grows. The leads turn into potential loyal customers and then into customers who keep coming back to your business. 

Every business owner knows the importance of a lead, and since Google My Business has started to take over the market, it has become relatively easy to get traffic on one’s website. 

Think of this: 

  • A consumer googles ‘Takeout near me’.
  • Your business pops up. 
  • The consumer visits your website and checks you out. 
  • They love you. 
  • They visit your restaurant. 
  • They leave a happy review under your business listing. 
  • You respond to the review.
  • Others who Google the same, see the review too and know that you can be trusted. 
  • Your business is really booming!

Google My Business Agency helps you get started with your business listing!

As part of the Google my Business management services provided by our agency, the first one is helping you get started with your listing. Here are some easy steps for you to follow: 

  • Create a profile on Google My Business!
  • Enter your business information that will be of any help to people who are planning to drop in or stop by or call in. 
  • Verify your account through the Google Search console. 
  • As part of our  Google My Business services, we will keep your profile up-to-date and ensure that it is revised should there be any change. Reviews will be attended to, keywords will be worked on, and comments will be engaged with. 

You can heave a sigh of relief that your business is in the right hands. 

What is Google My Business suspension?

A Google My Business suspension means that your business website will not be allowed to show up when someone puts in the relevant keywords. You will not feature in the competition. 

Unfair, isn’t it? 

Well, it happens. 

The worse aspect of this suspension is that your reviews, details, everything is lost and no consumer will be able to see it. You need to constantly be checking on your business website to see that it is still up and listed on Google. 

Here are some finer details about a Google My Business account suspension

  • A ‘soft’ suspension means that your business still shows up on google and Google maps but when you go to the profile, you will see a ‘suspended’ sign and cannot make any modifications to the material posted on the account. 
  • In a ‘hard’ suspension, things are a tad bit more frustrating. Your listing is removed from Google. 

Is there a fix for the GMB account suspension?


But before looking at a fix for the GMB account suspension, let’s look at how you can avoid your venture being suspended. 

Google always strives to ensure that its users are getting a prime experience. Hence it works towards making sure that the businesses listed are authentic and trustworthy. If for some reason, Google doubts the authenticity of your business, it will suspend the listing. 

Here are the common causes for Google My Business account suspension

  • There are multiple businesses listed at the same location as your business. 
  • You are an online store that does not have contact with customers. 
  • The keywords are not appropriate.
  • The address, phone number or any recent information has changed. 
  • There is a discrepancy in the addresses. The address on the website is different from that on the listing. 

How to fix a GMB account suspension?

Reach out to Google My Business Agency for any assistance you require. 

If your business has been suspended, here is what you can do:

  • You will have to send proof to show the authorities that your business is legitimate. 
  • Pictures of your store to prove that it exists at the said location. 
  • A business license will have to be provided as proof of the address. 
  • A utility bill will have to be provided to Google as proof of address. 
  • You may also need to confirm that there is no other office sharing the same space. 
  • Remove people associated with your business who Google has found out were engaged in spam or suspicious activity. 
  • You can appeal to be reinstated or appeal to Google since it does not provide an explanation while suspending the business. 

Don’t stress if your GMB account has been suspended. 

We can help to fix GMB Account suspension in a quick and hassle-free way! 

Reach out to us for stellar Google My Business management from a team of seasoned GMB professionals!

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